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We Love Radiant Cooling, You Will Too - SoCal Hydronics
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“I want an HVAC system that is Silent, Invisible, and doesn’t take up any Space!”

So goes the common joke heard at the begin of countless design meetings when the Architect/Homeowner is asked;  “What are you looking for in an HVAC system?” Then, typically, everyone has a good laugh and the painful task begins of finding space for ductwork, grills, soffits, etc.  A process that generally leaves absolutely no one laughing…

That scenario is now obsolete thanks to the fine Radiant Cooling options we offer.  Silent, Invisible Comfort is a reality and is here now for both Residential and Commercial applications. SoCal Hydronics is proud to at the forefront of the Radiant Cooling Revolution in North America, just as we were among the first to offer Radiant Heating in our region before THAT technology gained widespread acceptance.

We are among the most experienced Radiant Cooling Contractors in California.  A project we designed and installed in 2009, featuring Radiant Cooling among other Green Technologies, was awarded the prestigious Green Mechanical Award that year.  The years since have seen a myriad of fine products and control systems become available which have dramatically increased our ability to deliver incredible results to our new and existing clientele.

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